A Thing of Beauty #1

A Thing of Beauty #1

4 Comments 23 March 2010

Welcome to A Thing of Beauty, a (very occasional) series where I’ll visit something that leaves my jaw on the floor. The kind of thing that makes me go, “F———ck, I wish I could do that.” Up first is Alex Roman’s short “The Third & The Seventh.” It’s a fetishistic examination of architecture and nature, and although some (all?) of these places actually exist, the video is completely computer-generated, creating surreal spaces and scenes that blow my mind. If the slow pace makes you want to quit early, do yourself a favor and skip to around 7:30 (floating Japanese lanterns? in-door clouds? exploding books? anti-gravity water droplets?). I’ve embedded it below, but you should really watch it in HD.

You should also check out his breakdowns for some of these shots. It’s almost impossible to believe how real these end up looking.

Seen something you think would blow my mind? Let me know in the comments!

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4 Comments so far

  1. CCap says:

    Yeah, my mind is kinda blown right now.
    It’s amazing all that stuff is cg

  2. Patrick says:

    I’d seen this before (thanks to you), but the “making of” video is even more mind-blowing than the original movie…

    The indoor cloud, the gigantic library and the hole in the ceiling with the birds and the cherry blossoms are my faves.


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