A Thing of Beauty #3

A Thing of Beauty #3

Comments Off on A Thing of Beauty #3 04 August 2010

For my third installment of A Thing of Beauty (part one, part two) I’m breaking away from videos and going to a short comic I came across in Flight Volume 2 (an anthology of short, gorgeous comics). It’s short, 10 pages, with almost no dialog. And yet it still packs a punch that works on me every time. The artist, Jake Parker, works for Blue Sky Studios (they make movies like Horton Hears a Who) when he’s not drawing comics or illustrating. Without further ado, here’s “The Robot and the Sparrow”:

UPDATE: Sorry, but I’m pulling the rest because this is now available as part of The Antler Boy and Other Stories. Deal of the century. Go pick up a copy.

Jake’s newest comic, Missile Mouse, is aimed at the grade 3-6 set, but I’m sure no one would blame you if you picked up a copy for yourself.

All images in this post are courtesy Jake Parker and belong to him. Please don’t reproduce them, but please tell others about Jake. And go buy some stuff he’s worked on.

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