Badass Artist: Jeremy Geddes

Badass Artist: Jeremy Geddes

1 Comment 02 February 2012

From time-to-time I’m going to point out an artist I like. Up first is Aussie/master cosmonaut painter Jeremy Geddes. Though not his sole subject, cosmonauts floating adrift in some abandoned metropolis certainly seem to be a favorite of his. And I definitely approve. Haunting, gorgeous, retro. It’s like Edward Hopper if he were into sci-fi.

Bigger versions of the above and way more pieces are available at his site. I definitely recommend checking out more of his work. His prints seem to go pretty fast, so I recommend getting on the mailing list or checking in on his blog every so often.

Remember: Like this post or I’ll cut off NASA funding. Don’t think I won’t.

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1 comment

  1. Patttttt says:

    Replace astronaut with velociraptor and then this guy really has something. I would also accept pirates.

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