Frank Frazetta’s John Carter

Frank Frazetta’s John Carter

2 Comments 04 March 2012

If you don’t know by now (and you should) Disney’s John Carter is taken from a series of stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs from 1912 through 1943 know as the Barsoom series (in Rice’s stories “Barsoom” is what the Martians call Mars) . The popularity, publication, and republication of these stories and novels means that a ton of artists have tackled the John Carter mythos. Chief among these—and my personal favorite—is the great, late fantasy artist Frank Frazetta, who took on the series in the 70s. I thought this week’s release of John Carter was a good excuse to showcase some of his cover illustrations.

(click to biggify)

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  1. Aslan Avdi says:

    Great tribute to Frazetta, thank you.


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    […] John Carter a aussi été popularisé grâce à une série d’illustrations de Frank Frazetta. Voici le lien vers une galerie de couvertures de l’artiste ICI. […]

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