Badass Artist Winsor McCay

5 Comments 15 October 2012

Today’s Google Doodle is dedicated to artist Winsor McCay, best known for his comic strip Little Nemo. If you don’t know McCay by name or the Little Nemo strip, you probably know one of his (almost entirely hand-drawn by him) animated pieces, Gertie the Dinosaur from 1914. And if you don’t know that, maybe you remember the Capcom game Little Nemo: Dream Master on the NES. In any event, Winsor McCay wasn’t just stunningly creative, he had the skills to go with it. His line work is gorgeous. He’s one of those artists whose influence you start seeing everyone once you know them. Check out some of his stuff below.
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How I Got Bored and Made a Book Cover

4 Comments 05 September 2012

I thought of a cool title the other night, and without anything to do with it, I decided to see if I could composite up a book cover from Google Images. I think it came out pretty well, what do you think?
Click to super size. Check after the jump to see how I did it.
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Awful Movie, Awesome Poster

1 Comment 24 August 2012

Why is a movie that came out 3 years ago overseas to bad reviews (6/10 on IMDb) finally getting an actual release in the US? More importantly, why does it have such an awesome poster?
Of course there’s another poster, which is the one you might actually see in theaters.
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Another Legend Passes Away: Moebius

1 Comment 11 March 2012

Ralph McQuarrie last week and Moebius this week, I am not enjoying this trend. Unless you’re a big fan of cult artists, you probably aren’t aware of Moebius AKA Jean Giraud AKA Gir, who passed away March 10th at the age of 73. But I can guarantee that you’ve seen his work. In addition to inspiring the likes of Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away, Totoro, etc), Ridley Scott, and George Lucas, Moebius did concept art for Alien, The Abyss, Tron, Fifth Element, and more.

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Frank Frazetta’s John Carter

2 Comments 04 March 2012

If you don’t know by now (and you should) Disney’s John Carter is taken from a series of stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs from 1912 through 1943 know as the Barsoom series (in Rice’s stories “Barsoom” is what the Martians call Mars) . The popularity, publication, and republication of these stories and novels means that a ton of artists have tackled the John Carter mythos. Chief among these—and my personal favorite—is the great, late fantasy artist Frank Frazetta, who took on the series in the 70s. I thought this week’s release of John Carter was a good excuse to showcase some of his cover illustrations.

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