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Mexican Pointy Boots are somehow not a joke

5 Comments 01 November 2011

I made this for my buddy Fidel over at Tu Vez because I honestly don’t know anyone else that knows about the pointy boots of the Chuntaritos (botas picudas). They are EPIC. I never thought I’d see a fashion movement that made the Jersey Shore ‘tards look tame. “Hey man, I want some boots that look like elf shoes. But I want them to stick out really far. Like, at least 4 feet.”
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These Harry Potter Nikes are Sick

11 Comments 20 April 2011

Saw these (prototype? mock up? real?) Harry Potter Nike Dunks via my Twitter bud Cecy (website, twitter):

BTDubs, I’m def Gryffindor. (via geekpr0n, via HydeAndGeek)

Update. I did some Googling. Jay Angeles designed these (his tumblr). He also has a nice Zelda (Link) design. AND, another Deviantart user (kaycunana) has some really similar HP kicks that I like.

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Nice Kicks, kid.

Comments Off on Nice Kicks, kid. 05 December 2009

A kick-ass DeviantArt member made some awesome zombie shows. Take ’em in. [MBurk via BoingBoing]

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Neptunic Sharksuit

4 Comments 02 November 2009

Holy medieval times Batman! Check out the head-to-toe protection on these bad boys. Wikipedia tells me the sharksuit was developed by shark-expert Jeremiah Sullivan in the late 70s. Jeremiah has continued to refine his technology, no doubt concerned about the upcoming zombie wars. Continue Reading

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The Horde T

Comments Off on The Horde T 29 October 2009

Big ups to Uncrate (and the Crozz) for bringing this shirt to my attention. It’s a winner no matter what circle you run in, right down to the subtle 3-color printing. Could it have been 2 color? Sure. But Threadless is all F it. Bla-dow! Little purple highlighting for that ass. Continue Reading

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