The Hardest Flash Game Ever

7 Comments 24 August 2011

Have you guys seen QWOP, the hardest flash game ever? This guy has: Continue Reading

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Breaking Half Life

2 Comments 12 July 2011

Where have I seen this Breaking Bad ad before…

Oh I know…

Continue Reading


Modern Warfare 3 Looks Sick

2 Comments 23 May 2011

The trailer for Modern Warfare 3 just dropped. MW3 hits stores November 8th.


Grand Theft Mario

1 Comment 16 December 2010

Awesome mashup/machinima/whatever you want to call it. This makes me want to play GTA for the first time in a LONG time. Couldn’t get in to San Andreas or GTA IV. Long live Vice City!!!


New BioShock Inifinite Trailer

Comments Off on New BioShock Inifinite Trailer 07 October 2010

Meant to post this when it came out a few weeks back. They say it’s gameplay footage, but I think it’s pretty clearly pre-rendered, or at least 100% scripted. In any event, it’s amazing, and if they can get the character interactions to be this good in-game, then I am pumped. I also like the change from underwater 20’s city to floating Civil War-era Steam Punk. These guys are geniuses.

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