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Left 4 Dead Goes 8-Bit?!

1 Comment 07 January 2010

Eric Ruth is a mad genius. Homeboy made an NES-style 8-bit version of modern classic Left 4 Dead called Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead. It took him just 2 and half months! The news has been kicking around the interwebs for a while but it’s actually finished now and you can get it at his website. LINK!
Highly entertaining screencaps after the jump! Continue Reading

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L4D2 Review Roundup

Comments Off on L4D2 Review Roundup 21 November 2009

Look, I’m not a proud man. I run a zombie web site and I haven’t bought or played Left 4 Dead 2 yet. It’s not because I didn’t love the first (which I do) or want it (which I do), it just happens that they released it the week after Modern Warfare 2. Why on Earth would they do that? Anyway, the follow-up to the greatest zombie game of all time (sorry, Zombies Ate My Neighbors) has been released, and you need to know if it’s worth buying. Apparently, it is. Continue Reading

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L4D2 is all ZOMG

3 Comments 28 October 2009

Enough with that sneak peak we had at this game a few months back. This new trailer gets me all kinds of amped. Is that a clown zombie? This game looks epic. To all the people that were mad that Valve was working on a sequel instead of an add-on campaign, prepare to be served. Continue Reading

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