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Why Disney Buying Lucasfilm is Good

3 Comments 30 October 2012

Why is my Twitter feed blowing up with people upset over Disney purchasing Lucasfilm? This is the best thing to happen to Star Wars since… well Disney’s Star Tours. What has Lucas done with Star Wars in 30 years? Jar Jar Binks? Prequels no one asked for? Jake f&^*ing LLoyd? And what’s the first thing Disney does? Announce the sequel everyone wanted after Return of the Jedi. The movie that George Lucas probably wasn’t going to get around to messing up for another 10 years.

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Go See Sinister

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I got to see a screening of Sinister on Monday (thanks Ian) and it’s the first movie to disturb my sleep since Paranormal Activity. It’s well-paced, well-acted, and has a strong story. I like that the trailer tends to consist mostly of footage from the first half of the movie, which is a welcome change. False-scares are kept to a minimum, and the main character is only partially stupid for not leaving the house right away. If you like horror movies, it’s a must-see.

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I’m an Infant

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Awful Movie, Awesome Poster

1 Comment 24 August 2012

Why is a movie that came out 3 years ago overseas to bad reviews (6/10 on IMDb) finally getting an actual release in the US? More importantly, why does it have such an awesome poster?
Of course there’s another poster, which is the one you might actually see in theaters.
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