Prometheus Discussion – Spoilers

2 Comments 12 June 2012

Boy is Prometheus getting a lot of shit for unanswered questions. And only about half of them are legitimate gripes (in my opinion). Any good movie will have larger unanswered questions. Was Deckard a replicant? Was Cobb dreaming at the end? Why does popcorn cost $7? I think the larger discussion points are what make a movie enjoyable, and what might seem like a plot hole is really just something mysterious designed to capture your imagination. That being said, there is some stupid shit in some movies. For example, flying around the Earth really fast opposite its rotation would neither cause it to spin backwards nor would it cause time to reverse. Stupid shit. So here are (just some of) the stupid questions from Prometheus and also (some of) the smart ones. Needless to say, spoilers abound.

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Stan Winston School YouTube Account

Comments Off on Stan Winston School YouTube Account 05 March 2012

The Stan Winston School YouTube account is a treasure trove of awesome FX tests. Worth visiting for the Jurassic Park dinosaur tests alone. And this Interview with the Vampire test ain’t too shabby either:

Who needs CGI?


The Best* Movies of 2011

17 Comments 05 January 2012

Here is my list of the best movies of 2011. And by “best” I mean “I saw and liked”.


Top Five (not in order)

Warrior: It’s like two Rocky movies in one. The last hour of this movie has more good fight scenes (sporting event fight scenes—not necessarily action movie fight scenes) than you see in an entire year of movies. Continue Reading


Pulp Fiction vs Star Wars

Comments Off on Pulp Fiction vs Star Wars 26 September 2011

Saw this on Devour. Awesome for two reasons:
01) I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing Pulp Fiction mashed up with other movies.
02) If the video looks unfamiliar, it’s from a deleted scene on the new Star Wars Blu-rays. For the first time I kind of want the new Star Wars Blu-rays.

Let me know when this gets removed for copyright violation. I’m assuming any second now, even though it makes me want to watch both Star Wars and Pulp Fiction.  Continue Reading


Attack the Block: Quick Review

Comments Off on Attack the Block: Quick Review 23 June 2011

The premise of Attack the Block is pretty simple: aliens invade a sketchy inner-city London neighborhood and come up against a group of teenage hoods. The adverts are quick to point out Edgar Wright’s involvement (he exec-produced), and they’re clever to do so. This movie definitely lives up to Wright’s standards of clever references and well-shot action. What it lacks is his constant humor.
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