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Epic Retro Zombie Music Vid is Epic, Retro

Comments Off on Epic Retro Zombie Music Vid is Epic, Retro 22 August 2012

Oh my God, I love everything about this video. 80s-style zombie movie with synthy dubstep and James White-style neon graphical flourishes? Just sign me right up. Here’s Mike Dahlquist’s music video for Kill the Noise’s “Kill the Noise Pt 1”:

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May Music Recs

4 Comments 21 May 2012

I’ve been listening to oodles of new music lately (well, new to me anyway). I thought I’d throw some of it up for you to check out. Skip past the break for all the new goodness. Tip of the hat to Irritable Bowel Sobel. In no particular order:
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The Rest of Music 2011

10 Comments 21 January 2012


We covered my favorite songs of 2011 in part one, so now it’s time to tackle a few other things and finish this year off.

Up first we have the “meh” category. These are albums from my favorite groups that didn’t quite make the grade. It isn’t that they’re bad, I just didn’t find myself going back to them.

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The Best Songs of 2011

3 Comments 17 January 2012


After a long weekend I’m back with the first half of my last 2011 wrap-up: Music. I dilly dallied on this one because I knew it would be tough. I’m much more up-to-date with music (mostly) but I listen to so damn much of it that I knew just figuring out what I listened to in 2011 would be a chore. As before, the contents of this list aren’t necessarily the music that came out in 2011, but the music I first heard and listened to in 2011. And as always, what follows is simply what I like, for whatever reason. Artistic merit or no.

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Pitbull Rocks Hard at AMAs

3 Comments 21 November 2011

Anyone else notice how excited Pitbull was to perform with J Lo last night? Someone hose him down before he wrecks the furniture.

Pitbulls rocks a chub at the 2011 AMAs

It’s even worse in full motion. Guess the dude just loves music.

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