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Alternative Titles For R. Kelly’s New Book

1 Comment 09 November 2011

The cover art for R. Kelly’s new book was released today:

Soula Coaster?! What a horrible title. Here then, are some alternatives.  Continue Reading


fun.’s “We Are Young” is an Awesome Song

Comments Off on fun.’s “We Are Young” is an Awesome Song 21 September 2011

Man, I love fun. They just released a new single and it’s so awesome that even Janelle Monáe sings on the track (she’s awesome too). Here’s the video:

Nate can F’ing sing. It sounds great live too, check it  Continue Reading


Madeon Dance Video

1 Comment 12 September 2011

If this dude ever teaches a dance class, I’m going.

Continue Reading

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The Most Hipster Band I Have Ever Seen

2 Comments 05 July 2011

Holy Hell, I just got sent this video by The Freelance Whales from a friend and yes, I actually kind of like the song (I liked it a lot more before I saw this video) but are they trying to win some sort of Silverlake “Hipsters of the Year” award or something? Let’s examine each one of these:
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You Should Be Listening to This: Studio Killers

Comments Off on You Should Be Listening to This: Studio Killers 09 June 2011

Look, the Gorillaz won’t be around forever. You know Albarn’s getting tired of it when A) he makes an album on an iPad and B) he doesn’t even try to keep up the pretense that the Gorillaz are an actual band. Now, I’m not saying the Studio Killers are the next Gorillaz. They just invite the comparison, hiding behind aliases and slick animation.

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