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Epic Retro Zombie Music Vid is Epic, Retro

Comments Off on Epic Retro Zombie Music Vid is Epic, Retro 22 August 2012

Oh my God, I love everything about this video. 80s-style zombie movie with synthy dubstep and James White-style neon graphical flourishes? Just sign me right up. Here’s Mike Dahlquist’s music video for Kill the Noise’s “Kill the Noise Pt 1”:

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The Face Eating Florida Zombie

1 Comment 01 June 2012

I’ve been getting questions all over the place about whether I was going to post anything about the zombie naked man in Florida that ate a homeless man’s face off. I wasn’t going to but I’ve been reading the Shining and felt like writing a quick bit of creative nonfiction. Blame Stephen King. I wrote this in about 30 minutes, and I’ve never actually shared any shorts I’ve written, so be kind. Oh, also, listen to this while you read.
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Downton Zombie

9 Comments 24 January 2012


One of Joe Donatelli‘s friends on Facebook mentioned that someone should do a zombie version of Downton Abbey. Well, if you insist.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving from Not Zombies
2009, 2010.


Zombie Infographic is Infolicious

Comments Off on Zombie Infographic is Infolicious 11 November 2011

Did you know this site started out as a tongue-in-cheek Zombie Survival Guide before I decided I’d rather just make fun of stuff and be snarky all the time? True story. Anyway Scotty 2 Hotty shared this with me on Facebook and I wanted to pass it on.

Click for the whole thing.
(via Visual.ly—good site, thanks Scott!)

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