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Mexican Pointy Boots are somehow not a joke

Mexican Pointy Boots are somehow not a joke

5 Comments 01 November 2011

I made this for my buddy Fidel over at Tu Vez because I honestly don’t know anyone else that knows about the pointy boots of the Chuntaritos (botas picudas). They are EPIC. I never thought I’d see a fashion movement that made the Jersey Shore ‘tards look tame. “Hey man, I want some boots that look like elf shoes. But I want them to stick out really far. Like, at least 4 feet.”

Learn more by watching this:

You’re welcome. And yes, I know it’s old. Fidel told me about them months ago. It just took me 6 months to process that it wasn’t a joke.

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5 Comments so far

  1. CCap says:

    What the what?!? I can’t believe this exists. Awesome.

  2. SdotFAV says:

    Halloween 2012 costume done!

  3. yosh says:

    Its chuntaritos pendejos! go out and get a pair

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