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Neptunic Sharksuit

Neptunic Sharksuit

4 Comments 02 November 2009

Holy medieval times Batman! Check out the head-to-toe protection on these bad boys. Wikipedia tells me the sharksuit was developed by shark-expert Jeremiah Sullivan in the late 70s. Jeremiah has continued to refine his technology, no doubt concerned about the upcoming zombie wars. His company Neptunic will certainly be a hot-spot for Z-day looting. The Neptunic suit I’m liking is the C Suit.

#1 Bad Dude?

#1 Bad Dude?

The “C” stands for “component” as in modular. Which means you can roll with different variants should the situation dictate. Want to shed some weight and move a bit quieter? Use just the sleeves. On cleanup patrol and worried about decapitated or legless ghouls? Throw on those stylin’ chainmail pants. Brilliant.

Look, I know it looks a little goofy and it costs $23,000. But if you’re friends laugh at you, you can tell them A.) it was featured in New York’s MOMA, and B.) Check this sultry vixen:

Is it just me or is she rockin' that tousled bed-head like no one's business?

Cool enough for her, cool enough for me. But I digress. The Neptunic C Suit is fairly light weight (I’ve heard around 10 lbs), and totally zombie-bite proof (unless you come up against a zombie-fied Great White, in which case, uh, later). [Neptunic Sharksuits]

Kill Potential: 




Style (at Renaissance Fair):


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4 Comments so far

  1. Big Cat says:

    Aren’t zombies really dumb? Won’t they be attracted to shiny things, like sorority girls? Does this suit come in a matte finish?

  2. Brian says:

    Big Cat, Zombies are attracted to living human flesh, bedazzled or no. I’m sure you could always spray paint it. Maybe a nice camo?

  3. Medic says:

    i dont get it.. so are these good in case of a zombie apocalypse or not?? cus if they are than man i have to get me one(you will never know maybe the government is developing a bio hazardous weapon which makes human beings go nuts for human flesh!)… you can never be too careful.

  4. Brian says:

    If you can afford it: recommended for siege-type situations, when the zombies are already aware of your presence and you are actively defending yourself or advancing through a crowd. Due to the possible noise implications, it is not recommended for scouting or traveling.
    Happy Hunting!

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