Facebook Sucks

5 Comments 11 January 2012

At least once a week I’m on Facebook and see a recommended friend and I go, “oh I wonder what friends I have in common with this weird dude/hot chick” and without thinking too much about it, I go to hit “Mutual Friends” and end up hitting “Add Friend.” D’oh! No confirmation dialog. Request sent. Drives me up the wall. It needs to be like this:

Of course, it goes both ways. That cute girl you never met that wants to be friends? It isn’t because of your dashing profile pic; She was just wondering why you kept getting recommended and hit “Add Friend” by accident. Did I just ruin your day?

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  1. Serifa says:

    HA!!!! I just hate FB period!!!

  2. Scott says:

    Not to be that guy but you realize there is a cancel friend request feature now?

  3. Harlan says:

    Yes, and now these faceless masters of the universe who had their programmers cook-up algorithms for suggesting friends have the *NERVE* to threaten canceling your “friending privileges” for connecting with someone you don’t personally know!! It’s insanity. You’re left with no recourse but to cancel your account, which by itself will achieve nothing.

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