How I Feel About “I Voted” Stickers

1 Comment 05 November 2012

I vote via absentee ballot. Mostly I do it because I’m lazy, partly I do it because I would probably panic and vote for a Quarter Pounder with Cheese if I actually went to the voting booths. The simple fact of the matter is, I’ve never actually gotten an “I Voted” sticker, which seems just a bit unfair, if you ask me. Not only did I vote, I voted early AND didn’t take time off from work. So here’s how I feel about people and their “I Voted” stickers plastered proudly to their chest.

Haha, I don’t care where or how you vote, just vote. Multiple times, if you can, bless your cheating heart.

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1 comment

  1. Roark says:

    Absentee voting costs the government more money. I’d rather vote in person so the government can spend that money on bombs and tax breaks for billionaires.

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