A Very Kardashian Photochop Christmas

A Very Kardashian Photochop Christmas

Comments Off on A Very Kardashian Photochop Christmas 16 December 2010

Have you seen the Kardashians’ Christmas card? Aside from the fact that they’re trying their best to look like the Addam’s Family, you notice anything else odd?

I thought Lamar looked really short (if he’s a step above Bruce, why isn’t he practically out of the frame? The dude’s 6’10”) so I went to Khloe’s site where it was posted. If you’ll look at all the behind the scenes pics you might notice that Lamar isn’t in any of them. You can even see them posing for the final shot and no sign of Lamar. Dude was definitely photoshopped in.

Anyway, ScreenJunkies asked users to Photoshop the absurd Christmas Card and I used Lamar’s last minute-appearance as my jumping off point. Click to enhance. Enhance. Enhance.

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