Rafael Nadal Press Conference Gets Windy

Rafael Nadal Press Conference Gets Windy

3 Comments 07 September 2011

Why was I up until 3 last night? Because I am an infant. I’m so lacking in maturity that I spent hours learning iMovie so I could make this:

(As usual, if you don’t see a video, hit refresh. F’ing WordPress man.)

To be fair, I wasn’t the first to think of adding fart sounds to this video, but I was the first to add hilarious subtitles. And yes, I sat at my computer and made the fart sounds in real time. Did it pay off? homepage baby! The best part of getting your video on is that everyone can tell you how unfunny you are. Also, apparently, the commenters are onto the fact that my video has been doctored.

UPDATE: TuVez is pimping me now also. I swear I have never met, nor do I work with anyone posting my video. (That’s a lie).

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  1. Ccap says:

    Hahaha. I love the comments on Break. People are so dumb.

    Digjiizle is especially hurtful.

  2. Patttttt says:

    I laughed out loud. Watched it again and was still equally entertaining.

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