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The only thing more viral than the Kony 2012 movement (#StopyKony and #KONY2012 on Twitter) right now is the (in my opinion, deserved) backlash to the Kony 2012 movement. In honor of that, I have to wonder what other movements we could start. Here they are, in order from most important to least important.

First, the original:

Another vicious despot with no regard for human life:

I think we can all get behind this one:

Today, Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Championship. Tomorrow, child enslavement.

Something so sweet and innocent is clearly up to no good:

An evil ruler bent on being delicious:

Who’s the boss? More like, who’s the deranged, psycho, wannabe dictator, amirite?

This one’s pretty much just for Earnest:

She’s beautiful. She’s talented. But she’s also the reason Coach Taylor [redacted]:

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