1 Comment 18 January 2010

I quit. Not really, but it feels like that. I can’t dedicate my blog to just zombies. I mean, I love zombies, don’t get me wrong, but actively writing about them every day is obviously too much for me to handle. So I’m blowing this sucker wide open. It’s now my regular dumb blog, and if I feel like talking about The Bachelor (and I do), God dammit I will. Soon I’ll be restructuring the sections and cleaning things up a bit. I mean, it’s not like anyone actually cares. Honestly I think this will just make Not Zombies that much more fun for the 4.5 visitors/day that come here. And really, if I can’t adequately entertain the spammers that visit my site then what’s the point?

Here’s to updating at least twice a week! HUZZAH!

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1 comment

  1. CCap says:

    Wait, so, not zombies is actually gonna be NOT zombies?!

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