LeBron James Makes Controversial Decision

1 Comment 08 July 2010

Though less than an hour from his official announcement, NotZombies.com has learned that LeBron James will be, against all predictions, joining The Spirits of St Louis. The rumor is that LeBron favors the ABA’s fast-paced offense and generous 30-second shot clock. In recent weeks LeBron has locked himself away and has been working on a move called a “slam-dunk.” The first photo of LeBron at practice with the Spirits was leaked just minutes ago.

This deal should give the Spirits a distinct advantage over the Anaheim Amigos and the Minnesota Muskies.

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1 comment

  1. JDub says:

    I thought for sure he was going to the Generals. There would have been no bigger challenge than making that perennial loser into a championship team.

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