Spider vs Wasp Is Frightening, Amazing

Comments Off on Spider vs Wasp Is Frightening, Amazing 17 August 2011

Holy hell. I saw this on my friend Linda’s FB page (hi, Linda). These guys have this massive spider in their backyard AND massive wasps. So what do two guys do when they get bored? Feed the massive wasps to the massive spider and film it. And it is jaw-dropping. Despite the extreme nightmare potential of these videos (yes, I saw “videoS”—like any good horror film, there’s a sequel) you should watch for the sheer miracle of nature. That spider is DAMNED impressive. Videos after the jump.

Part 1 (if not showing, hit reload):

Part 2:

So crazy. Those wasps are HUGE. If they ever move to LA I’m buying a shotgun. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go vomit, shower, and never sleep again.

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