The Crystal Caves of Naica

The Crystal Caves of Naica

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What do you get when you take a super-saturated solution of Gypsum, apply even heat from a magma chamber, let it sit for 500,000 years, and then pump out all the water? Big fucking crystals. Up to 36′ long and 14′ across and weighing 55 tons. Try fitting THAT in your Big Sur gift shop.

Miners in Naica, Mexico were expanding their shafts (hahaha) in 2000 when they stumbled on what has since been named the Cave of Crystals. Other caves have been found in the region as far back as 1910, and while impressive, they don’t even come close to the insanity of the Cave of Crystals. I only heard of them recently when I saw a commercial for a Nat Geo show coming up about some new smaller caves they’ve found recently (it airs October 10th).

Feel like visiting? Temperatures in the cave are around 136 °F with 100% humidity. You need a special suit and a breather to last more than 10 minutes due to the moisture that collects in your lungs. Gnarly.

These pictures are from the official Naica website, and they have tons more there:

Hey Mother Nature, Warner Brothers called and they’re serving you with a cease-and-desist for ripping them off.

“My son, you do not remember me. I am Jor El. And I am your father. By now you will have reached your 18th year, as it is measured on Earth. By that reckoning, I will have been dead for many thousands of your years. The knowledge that I have—matters, physical and historic—I have given you fully on your voyage to your new home. These are important matters, to be sure, but… still matters of mere fact.  There are questions to be asked. And it is time for you to do so. Here, in this… fortress… of solitude, we shall try to find the answers together.”

Original photographs are © copyright 2008, PROYECTO NAICA, México (and Warner Brothers, I guess).

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