Video Round Up

Video Round Up

2 Comments 27 September 2010

There’s been some good videos making the rounds lately, so I wanted to share them. I also wanted to point you to my new favorite site, Devour.com. The guys at Uncrate take their favorite videos from around the web and post them. It’s super simple, super clean, and well moderated. Good work guys. Onto the vids!

“Last Walk Around Mirror Lake”
Up first is this gorgeous base jumping video that Salty Ned shared with me. The music is by Boom Bip, half of one of my favorite duos, Neon Neon.

“The Walking Dead Opening Titles”
Daniel Kanemoto is so excited about The Walking Dead on AMC this fall that he made his own title credits. He’s no amateur (he does animatics for a living) but it’s a great intro nonetheless, using original artwork from the comics. I’m not a huge fan of the song (I think it needs much, much darker music) but the animation and pacing is great. This has been making the rounds for a few days now, but in case you haven’t seen it, check it out.

“Salesmen Pete”
Saw this one on Devour. It’s a little long, yeah, but if you have the time it’s worth it. It has some great action beats and the animation is just lovely. The steak sidekick delivers a line that kills me at 2:27. Visit the creators’ blog at http://www.salesman-pete.blogspot.com/.

“Ok Go – White Knuckles”
What do you get with three weeks, 12 dogs, 12 trainers, two furniture movers, one goat, 38 buckets, 124 takes, and the four members of OK Go? This.

“Climbing a 1,786 Foot Tall Tower”
The dudes that do this job are INSANE. If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, at least kind of skim through. And definitely watch the last minute. I almost throw up each time I watch it.

“Flying with the Fastest Birds on the Planet”
And lastly, there’s this nice little bit from the BBC. They strapped a camera to the back of a Peregrine Falcon and a Gos Hawk. The second half is the Gos Hawk flying through the woods and is a must-watch. It’s incredible.

What else is out there that I missed? Here’s a few faves just to round out the column. Til next time!

Ticklish Camel cracks me up:

Is this a legal tackle?

How lucky is this idiot kid that he didn’t kill his friend with the camera?

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  1. JDub says:

    Hahaha such a good tackle. He should have put him up in the rack first.


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