Welcome to Not Zombies!

Welcome to Not Zombies!

8 Comments 27 October 2009

Not Zombies! Anything but zombies right? Even Bearsharktopus would be preferable to a roving pack of the undead. Well if it were up to me the end of the world would be all rainbows and unicorns and narwhals, but it’s not up to me. Z Day is coming. Are you ready? I’m not. This site aims to be the ultimate survivor’s resource to surviving the zombie apocalypse. Where do you go? What do you bring? How do you get where you need to be? Are your shoes fashionable? All of these questions are vital. Come with me, tongue planted firmly in cheek, as we race to meet our undead brethren further down the road.

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  1. Brian says:

    Just checking out my own comment section.

  2. Conzo says:

    I’m ill prepared. I’m not even prepared for an earthquake. I can’t wait to find out what shoes I’m suppose to wear. Would it involve nice heels?

  3. CCap says:

    If we could just figure out how to domesticate those damned bearsharktopuses, I think we might have a good defense when Z Day comes around.

  4. Big Cat says:

    This site is sweet. I’m having trouble finding a link to dinosaur stuff though.

    Please advise.

  5. Brian says:

    Big Cat: Your concern is duly noted. It has been logged and will be addressed at such time as management deems appropriate. We would like to take this time to point you to a web site called “Google.” It can be found at the following “Internet” address: http://www.Google.com. Perhaps someone there can help you with your dinosaur search. Until later, Brian.
    PS: Don’t be surprised if there’s a zombie dinosaur post around your birthday.

  6. Brian says:

    CCap, what about when the Bearsharktopus gets zombiefied? Think about that smart guy?

    Conzo, though I would never EVER recommend heels as footwear in any sort of emergency situation, your comment could very well lead to a piece on at-hand defensive weapons when taken by surprise zombie attack. Would a heel to the eye socket provide sufficient damage to the brain to drop a Zed Head? This must be studied.

  7. RaWrBoOm says:

    This website is gonna be the shit

  8. CCap says:

    Jesus. That just blew my mind. I cannot think of anything more terrifying than a zombiebearsharktopus. I really need to think things through more thoroughly…

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