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What to expect when you’re expecting

3 Comments 18 January 2010

Of all that is holy in this world. What is going on with this photo shoot? My buddy Ryan over at sent this picture to me and I spent a good 30 seconds just staring in horror and the next 30 seconds laughing and sending it to everyone I work with. Absurdism after the jump.

If you leesten, you can ere im mooooving!

Nice sweater, buddy. And it get’s even better. You can see the whole creepy set here, but my absolute favorite is this gem:

OMGOMGOMG! The fists on chin pose! I cant handle it!!!

I’m throwing in a bonus picture because I love you. I got this from his website. Love, love, LOVE the floating groom. Hernani is like the Mindfreak of cheesy professional portraiture.

Good work on the mirrored background image. Youve mastered remedial Photoshop.

Good work on the mirrored background image. You've mastered remedial Photoshop.

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  1. Patrick says:

    If Little Vinicius gets papa Fabricio’s genes, he’s destined for a back like a shag carpet. Let’s hope Thathyana’s got strong DNA.

  2. Conzo says:

    Isn’t the girl suppose to be nearly naked, not the guy? I’m gagging cuz I feel like I have a hairball. And the last one… I love that the scene in the back is mirrored.

  3. NotMom says:

    That dad looks like he’s planning to eat the young.

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