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Droid X Teaser Should Be A Movie

Droid X Teaser Should Be A Movie

4 Comments 15 July 2010

Mysterious hatch in the desert? Check. Awesome space/containment suits. Check. Insanely deep elevator? Check. Inexplicable alien technology? Check.

Well that’s it but this teaser for Motorola’s Droid X (called “See You Tomorrow”) is more interesting than 99.9999% of movies. Where’s all the kick ass sci-fi these days? Especially after Avatar. I want another Aliens damn it!!!! I want more movies that start with a mysterious phone call to a scientist/military guy telling him that he’s just been activated and he needs to see something. And then you see what he sees for the first time and you shit your pants along with him/her.

How rad are these spacesuits? Right? RIGHT?!

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4 Comments so far

  1. RobbyDigital says:

    Whoaaaaa… Is this Aliens 6? or Event horizon 2?

  2. Salty Ned says:

    I liked the busted helmet on the ground when they first walked in but I’m worried Droid X will destroy my dome.

    • Brian says:

      Ben, Droid X will most certainly destroy your dome. I post this video merely as a warning as to the harmful side effects on this newest Android device.

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