New Trailer for Tron: Legacy

New Trailer for Tron: Legacy

2 Comments 22 July 2010

Not sure how I feel about this one. The opening is fantastic. I love how seeing Flynn with Sam in the real world grounds it and I love the Tron merch all over the place. I have problems with Jeff Bridges’ anti-aging CGI face (at least around the mouth when he’s talking). Also, there’s something empty feeling about the Tron world in this trailer that wasn’t apparent in the other trailer.

Regardless, still super pumped to see this flick (but just a teensy bit less than before). Oh, this reminds me. My buddy Ryan runs a site called TrailerAddict. He has trailers either before everyone else, or just after they do, so it’s a good site to check out. Or follow him on twitter (@traileraddict) and you’ll get updates on when new trailers drop.

Tron trailer below (but seriously, go DL it in 720p).

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  1. Patrick says:

    MEH. Not to the post. To the trailer.

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