Scott Pilgrim Review/Discussion

Scott Pilgrim Review/Discussion

10 Comments 17 August 2010

Once again I feel like I need to be a voice of reason amidst overwhelming hype. Scott Pilgrim’s a good movie (a solid 7.5/10), but it’s not the amazing film people are saying. For the uninitiated, Scott Pilgrim vs the World is the story of a guy in his early 20’s that meets the girl of his dreams (literally) but must battle her seven evil exes in order to be with her. Pretty simple but it’s the style of it all that makes both the graphic novel and the movie special. Both are drenched with nods to old school video games, comics, and anime. And it’s a good time, if not quite the amazing movie everyone says it is.

Here’s how I break it down:


  • The fight scenes, visually, are the bees knees. Worth seeing for these alone.
  • The sound design is pure gold for anyone that played mass amounts of Nintendo and Street Fighter 2.
  • Gratuitous visual effects are great and they fit perfectly.
  • It’s probably my white dude complex, but Knives Chau is adorable.
  • The idea of dealing with, living up to, and surpassing, the memories of your new girlfriend’s exes is pretty brilliant. We’re basically seeing the literal interpretation of Scott struggle with the fact that he wasn’t Ramona’s first kiss, feeling inadequate compared to her bass-playing ex, not being as successful as her most recent ex, etc.
  • Every character except Scott and Ramona (special shout out to his gay roommate Wallace).
  • The look and feel perfectly matches the charm of the graphic novel.
  • The opening universal logo.


  • Ramona is kind of a bitch. I get that they’re trying to make her seem like really cool and aloof, but it’s not counter-balanced.
  • Ramona isn’t very cute. Her makeups bad but her wig is even worse. Like, she looks retarded the entire movie. Which is weird because I think Mary Elizabeth Winstead is super cute.
  • Scott, in the comic, is kind of a player in a funk. Michael Cera doesn’t quite live up to that. He’s not bad, really, he’s just not as cool as he needs to be at times.
  • The comic is about 90% story and 10% fights. The movie is inverted, which unfortunately means you sacrifice a boatload of character development. Those awesome fights? You don’t really care too much about them. You don’t have a stake in Scott winning Ramona.

Not too much bad stuff, but they’re biggies. When a fight scene starts you’re like, fuck already (it’s hard to squeeze 6 graphic novels into 1 movie)? I never felt engaged in the story or like I cared about the outcome, which is a problem and why I think it ultimately is a 7.5 movie.


The easiest way for me to sum it up for someone that saw it is like this: after the last fight, when Scott’s standing with both Knives and Ramona, did you care which one he went with? I was like, “Oh, he stays with Knives? Did that happen in the comic? Makes sense I guess. Oh wait, he goes with Ramona. That makes sense too.”

Also, as long as I have you in the spoiler section, Scott walking out with the evil Scott at the end is hilarious.


Alright, that’s all I have for now. What did you think of Scott Pilgrim? Drop a note below. Maybe you can get me to change my score.

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  1. Tyler says:

    I hadn’t read any of the comic walking into the theater, so I wasn’t aware of the lack of character development, and it doesn’t surprise me. Neither Scott nor Ramona were very appealing, but I had no interest in their fate to begin with–totally a means to an end. It’s a cheesy, and actually very chaste, love story that we’ve seen over and over again. I think it was meant to appeal to 12-13 year olds rather than adults. Edgar Wright and his cinematic tricks were as good as they’ve ever been, though, and I couldn’t have been happier that it was 90 percent action. Any more romantic development for those characters and I would rather have been shot by the Vegan Police.

  2. CCap says:

    I enjoyed the movie thoroughly. I might have you to thank for that, though, because I had heard your criticism before going in – so I was a little more prepared. I’d say I agree with all of your comments, but I’d probably give it a high 8 just because I had so much fun with it. I really loved the direction, and just how there was no need to, like, explain all the fantastical stuff that goes in that universe and just accept that crazy stuff goes on. Like, Scott is somehow this kick-ass fighter? Sure. Total ladies man? Okay. Girlfriend’s name is Knives? Sweet. Bad guys turning into coins. Awesome.
    Wondering if I should read the books.
    Yeah the film was kind of overwhelmed by the fighting, wasn’t it? But yeah, I guess they just had to jam all those evil ex-boyfri- errrrrr, exes in there. That being said, I feel like they did a good job with the fighting scenes and changing up how he dealt with each individual.
    Evil Scott was pretty classic at the end.
    I also liked how Ann from Arrested Development was one of the evil exes. Ha.

    Oh. I thought the music was pretty sweet as well. I’d buy a Sex Bob-Omb CD. Beck did the music, didn’t he?

  3. Kate says:

    I liked it. I knew it was based off 6 comics (that I never read) so I wasn’t expecting a ton of character development. I knew they’d sacrifice something, so that wasn’t a shock.

    Yes, Scott and Ramona weren’t terribly likeable. I think that’s appropriate for Scott, maybe less so for Ramona. Was I invested in their fates? Yes, in spite of that. I think the movie was so fun that I ended up rooting for them anyway. If that even makes sense.

    The Seinfeld bit, the Evil Scott bit, the cheesy puns (bifurious? classic) — genius. I’ll happily sacrifice character development if everything else is so spot-on.

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