This is How I Hope Predators Begins

This is How I Hope Predators Begins

4 Comments 02 July 2010

I have to admit that I know very little of the plot to Predators, but the trailer would have us believe that a group of Earth’s most dangerous killers are plucked from our planet and put on another “game” planet used by the Predators. And I think that’s probably pretty close to the actual plot. My problem is that Topher Grace is in this movie. As one of Earth’s most deadly killers. I’m hoping he was picked up by accident because he was standing near someone who’s actually a bad ass. In any case, I can’t stand him and his unfunny, bumbling, every-man persona, so this is how I hope Predators starts.

Oh by the way, I thought Predators was directed by Robert Rodriguez, which I think was my brain’s way of trying to keep my spirits up. It turns out it’s directed by a guy named Nimrod. I’m not kidding.

Predators header

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  1. CCap says:

    Yeah I thought that too. Not cool.

  2. JDub says:

    But he was so perfect as venom, the super buff jocky enemy of spiderman. Oh wait…

  3. BDog says:

    Venom vs Predator…but not really…because he was a bad Venom…

  4. Bananny says:

    Um…have you guys forgotten how much of a badass he was playing the date rapist rich druggy boy in Traffic? Such a bad ass. I’m totally looking forward to this movie, probably not “go watch it in the theaters” excited though.

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