Trailer Spotlight: TRON!!!!!

Trailer Spotlight: TRON!!!!!

7 Comments 08 March 2010


It certainly wasn’t my intention to do 2 trailer posts in a row, not when I update my site like, once a week. But I just had my mind blown straight out of my ass, and I’VE ALREADY SEEN THIS TRAILER. Easily the best part of Alice in Blanderland in 3D was the trailer for Tron, which I wasn’t expecting (I thought it was dropping this Friday for some reason). You can view it/DL it here:

I’d say that it feels like my eyeballs just got fucked but it’s more like they were made gentle love to. This movie takes everything that’s awesome about Tron and just does it with all the CGI majesty the first one deserved.

So what’s awesome about it?

  • Bruce Boxleitner is back as Alan Bradley and looking and sounding really cool.
  • Garret Hedlund plays Flynn’s kid. I liked him in Four Brothers and Friday Night Lights. I like that they didn’t cast younger. He also drives a Ducati. Light-Cycle practice, FTW!
  • Flynn’s secret lab is hidden behind a Tron game that swings open. I’m doing this.
  • The terminal in his lab is probably the nicest (and largest) monochome monitor of all time and looks fucking awesome:
  • EVERYTHING looks about 100 times as amazing as it did in the first one. Kudos to the entire team that worked on the original Tron: Although it looks like early CGI, most of it is actually hand-drawn animation. Look at how far we’ve come.
    A Recognizer from OG Tron:
    A Recognizer in Tron Legacy:
  • They’ve made the computer world alive in a way they couldn’t before. Check the atmosphere effects in the trailer. It’s hard to see outside of HD, but the lightning that cracks the sky splays across the clouds in geometric pixels (yes, that’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever written):
  • The Light Cycle scenes look incredible. The Light Trails that the bikes kick up aren’t just solid walls now, they’re glassy and rippled.
    light-cyclesSo pretty.
  • Daft Punk will get nominated for an Oscar. And if they show up at the Oscars in their helmets, I will lose my shit.
    Daft Punk at Awards Show
  • Academy Award-winning Jeff Bridges returns. If you don’t love The Dude, I don’t know what’s wrong with you.

Ok, there’s about a million other things that I love about that trailer, but my keyboard is running out of batteries.

I’m going to leave you with the one stupid thing in the trailer. This chick playing air guitar on her light-cane:

Seriously, WTF? [Update: not actually a chick but awesome actor Michael Sheen–see below]

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  1. Charles Lai says:

    That’s not a chick that’s Michael Sheen.

    Seriously. It is.

  2. Brian says:

    Oh my god. You’re right.
    A.) I’m not editing the post because that’s hilarious.
    B.) How did I not know Michael Sheen was in this? He’s awesome.

  3. Patrick says:

    Well color me impressed. I am officially looking forward to Tron Legacy.

  4. madnad says:

    Yep – thats definitely Michael Sheen. He plays the owner of a cyber nightclub, called Kaster.

    He did say on twitter, before he was gagged by Disney, that he would be almost unrecognisable.

    I think he looks a bit Ziggy Stardust

  5. TK says:

    This looks awesome. I’m a little curious about how there could be atmosphere inside a computer, but I’ll wait for the movie. No sense nit-picking on trailer details, right?

  6. Mack says:

    Daft punk are playing a cameo… Gamer tag is MP3

  7. Is Micheal Sheen a chick?

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