Troll Hunter Trailer is Awesome

Troll Hunter Trailer is Awesome

4 Comments 22 October 2010

The Norwegian Film industry has done it again. Their latest opus is a Cloverfield-meets-The Brothers Grimm beast that sounded absurd until I watched the trailer and now I can’t wait for the American remake*.

Seriously though, I loved Otto Jespersen in Rikets røst.

*That was a joke1.

1Kind of.

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  1. CCap says:

    Huh, I thought I commented on this for some reason. Man this movie is going to blow my mind. Which would you rather tangle with – mountain troll or woodland troll?

  2. CCap says:

    Just noticed this flick is available to purchase on iTunes – before it’s US theatrical release! Epic.

  3. Brian says:

    I know the PR guys promoting this movie and I actually got invited to a couple screenings back in early May but couldn’t make any of them. Bummer. Guess I will watch it at home!

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