TRON:Legacy Review (No Spoilers)

TRON:Legacy Review (No Spoilers)

Comments Off on TRON:Legacy Review (No Spoilers) 06 December 2010

I got to see TRON:Legacy last week courtesy of my friend Ian at ScreenJunkies and what kind of benevolent webmaster would I be if I didn’t tell you if it was total trash or super awesome? (hint: I think it’s the latter).

So how much do I love TRON:Legacy? I already have tickets to see it a second time when it releases. This means I totally recommend it, right? Welllll, not exactly. I don’t want to give anything away, so I’m not going to go into specifics, but the movie is light on character development and plot. BUT, it is absolutely a visual feast. If you’re a fan of the original this movie is AWESOME. The updates to the light cycles, the disc game (oh new disc game, how I love you), the other vehicles (like the Recognizer and Solar Sailer) are amazing.

If you thought Avatar was a total waste of time and money and hated it, you might not be the right audience for this movie. If you loved Avatar, or even just enjoyed watching it but thought it was a rehash of The Last Samurai/Dances with Wolves/Whatever Else, you should definitely check out TRON:Legacy. And try to see it in IMAX 3D. It’s impressive. And having Daft Punk’s excellent score rattle your teeth is not a bad way to spend a few bucks.

I’ll be back with more thoughts (what I loved, what I didn’t like so much, what I hated–I’m looking at you CGI Jeff Bridges) once the movie releases so I can spoil everything and we can discuss this flick.

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