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Where Have I Seen This Before: 2010 Fall Movie Edition

Where Have I Seen This Before: 2010 Fall Movie Edition

Comments Off on Where Have I Seen This Before: 2010 Fall Movie Edition 08 October 2010

The last time I did this people thought I was nit-picking. If that’s you, then you’re going to hate this column each time. I get easily irritated by little design decisions that 99% of people don’t notice or care about, but it’s my hope that by pointing them out it will annoy you as well because misery loves company.

This time out I have a trio of thrillers (Let Me In, My Soul to Take, All Good Things) for you that are all coming out around the same time and all look ridiculously similar to me.

These three title designs being this similar wouldn’t bug me, except I’m seeing ads for all three at once, and
A) The font is very close on all of them. They aren’t identical but they all use a kind of Book Antiqua/Calisto font.
B) They are all grunged-out and/or bloody.
C) They’re all on a white or off-white background.
D) They are all thriller/horror movies.
E) All three are being advertised at the same time.

It’s that last point that bothers me. There’s only so many fonts for lazy poster designers to use, but the fact that I have to see all three of these at the same time, with the same effects, in the same colors? Come on. If Hollywood is unoriginal, the Hollywood Marketing department is 10 times worse. At least Let Me In changes up their text effects from ad to ad.

And as long as I’m talking about My Soul to Take (which looks fucking awful), I need to add one more design quibble. They’re advertising heavily online, specifically the 300×250 unit on a shit load of site I go to. And the crappy designer they put in charge of creative just hacked the poster creative to make the 300×250, which means the title logo looks super messy:

Like why is it dripping up out of the frame? It’s like someone just went crazy with the bleeding. When you see the full poster it makes a lot more sense, as their shadows drip down into blood and into the title:

Lazy Internet creative guy: when you pull the font out of this context, change the design!

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