Why Disney Buying Lucasfilm is Good

3 Comments 30 October 2012

Why is my Twitter feed blowing up with people upset over Disney purchasing Lucasfilm? This is the best thing to happen to Star Wars since… well Disney’s Star Tours. What has Lucas done with Star Wars in 30 years? Jar Jar Binks? Prequels no one asked for? Jake f&^*ing LLoyd? And what’s the first thing Disney does? Announce the sequel everyone wanted after Return of the Jedi. The movie that George Lucas probably wasn’t going to get around to messing up for another 10 years.

Disney, who hired Muppet fanboy Jason Segel to make a Muppet movie (which was pretty great and Muppety). Disney, who allowed Marvel to hire nerd crush Joss Whedon to direct The Avengers. Disney, who bought Pixar, who still turn out really great movies (usually—Cars 2, I’m looking at you). Was John Carter perfect? No. But it was a film no other studio was willing to make (despite a devoted fan base) and they hired a really creative, unproven director (Wall-E and Nemo’s Andrew Stanton) to direct it. It was pretty good, but the marketing was AWFUL. And even Disney can’t mis-market a Star Wars movie.

Disney specializes in making giant franchise films that are well-funded, big, populace affairs. Star Wars fits in pretty perfectly.

tl;dr: it can’t be worse than Episode I. Unless this happens:

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  1. jJak says:

    Nice drawings- did you do those?

    I like this guys stuff too-

    • Brian says:

      Haha, no, I stole the artwork like I steal most things around here. My drawing haven’t advanced much since I was 10. I probably should have included a credit.

      That guys pretty awesome. Pixar is easily in my top 10 dream places to work for.

      I love it when animators or artists have blogs where they post sketches and one-offs. Jake Parker does that a lot. Here’s a post I did on him:

  2. Patttttt says:


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