X-Men: First Class Trailer Is Dope

X-Men: First Class Trailer Is Dope

2 Comments 10 February 2011

The first X-Men movie was all like, ka-kow, but the new X-Men movie is all like KA-KOW. Here it is:

Looks amazing. Love the retro vibe. Love the new suits. Beast looks stupid as always. I’m also not a fan of the X-Men in this movie. Havok? Beast? Banshee? Lame. Lame. Lame. Too bad they burned off all the classic guys in the first/modern X-Men movie. Retro Cyclops would have been sick. Oh well, this is Fassbender’s show and he looks like he kicks all kinds of ass as Magneto.

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  1. Rob C says:

    Oh yeah Havok…. I liked him but this kinda throws off the timeline as Havok is Cyclops younger brother.

    Hmmm it looks like 60’s Madmen style X-Men. I am down with that.

  2. CCap says:

    I wasn’t even that much looking forward to this movie, but I totally changed my mind. I’m pretty psyched now.

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