Music I Like: Interpol

Music I Like: Interpol

Comments Off on Music I Like: Interpol 28 July 2010

Occasionally I’m just going to talk about bands I like because, well, I have a website and I get to do things like that. Up first? Interpol. My mom—hip chick that she is—turned me on to Interpol after Antics came out in 2004 and I’ve been grooving ever since. Although I find them to be somewhat hit-and-miss, there are usually 3 or 4 choice cuts on each album (which is plenty when the tracks are this good).

Forced to choose my favorite Interpol song I’d go with “No I in Threesome.” Definitely the most romantic song about a ménage à trois ever made. I’m in love with the line “Sound meets sound, babe/ Her echoes, they surround.” The song has quite a few gems though. I’ve included it in this little sampler mix I made of their music. The first track is “Barricade” from their forth-coming self-titled album.

Oh yeah, Interpol also makes sweet videos. Like these two. The second one is bizarre and answers the question “why don’t muppets have realistic teeth and tongues?” Answer: Because it’s creepy. Really, really creepy. Apologies for the commercials (if you get ’em). The YouTube versions were crap.

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