OK Go, You win.

2 Comments 03 March 2010

Dear OK Go,

My Cool Book: you’re officially in it. I’m going to purchase your album straight from you website. And maybe even a t-shirt to boot, if your store starts to work on my Mac. All because you make exceptional music videos.

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  1. CCap says:

    This is rad.
    Remember that game Mouse Trap? Apparently it was a board game too, but all I remember ever doing is setting up the crazy Rube Goldberg device that came with it and playing with that again and again. I don’t think I ever played the board game itself. Maybe it’s because I was an only child.

    • Brian says:

      I absolutely remember Mouse Trap. Like you, I never actually played it. Unlike you, I don’t think I ever got the trap to work because I think we were missing pieces. I persisted.

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