Transformers do Thriller

2 Comments 07 April 2011

Why? I don’t know. The better question is “why not?” or “what took so long?”

Side note: you ever notice how well the sounds of the dance compliment the song? Damn I love Thriller.

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  1. Beson says:

    Why are they dancing thriller at Christmas time?

  2. CCap says:

    What’s even crazier is that Christianity has made it’s way all the way over to Cyberton. Or maybe it’s not even Christmas and they just use those trees as decorations over there year round, since they wouldn’t even know what Christmas was…
    Man I love The MJ’s Thriller. Still holds up so well after 25 years. It’s too bad The MJ died. I wonder what The MJ would’ve have thought of this. You know The MJ wanted to be a Transformer, like in Moonwalker…

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