New iPod Nano. Awful.

9 Comments 12 September 2012


Along with the new iPhone 5, Apple unveiled the 7th (!) generation iPod Nano today. The Nano started life as a a smaller iPod Classic and since then has thinned out, gotten chubby, got thin again, and ultimately shrunk to a nice little shuffle-size with a super responsive touch-screen. It was great. Then Apple decided to ruin it.
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Apple Unveils iPhone 5, No Surprises

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Well Apple just announced the iPhone 5. And we knew every feature ahead of the announcement.

Things you can do with the new phone that you could not do before:
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NFL Logos on Grantland

2 Comments 07 September 2012

My buddy Justin recently asked me if I wanted to make some NFL logos for a Grantland piece called “If NFL Logos Were Honest“. We’d done a few before, and also did the entire MLB so I was game. I’m always down to Photochop logos and it’s a good exercise in manipulating fonts and matching styles. You honestly learn more doing stuff like this than almost anything else. So here’s how it works:
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How I Got Bored and Made a Book Cover

4 Comments 05 September 2012

I thought of a cool title the other night, and without anything to do with it, I decided to see if I could composite up a book cover from Google Images. I think it came out pretty well, what do you think?
Click to super size. Check after the jump to see how I did it.
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“California Gold” + Guns N’ Roses = LULZ

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Via BoingBoing.

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