New Jurassic Park Comic Series on the Way

New Jurassic Park Comic Series on the Way

3 Comments 24 March 2010

Paleontologists discovered a huge bone in my pants last night after reading about a new Jurassic Park comic on the way from IDW. Get the full details here, but in nut-shell, IDW will re-publish all the Topps Jurassic Park comics from the 90s and also launch an all-new Jurassic Park series.

The first 5-issue arc takes places thirteen years after the events depicted in the first JP movie (hopefully wisely ignoring the two sequels). Tim and Lex (all grown up and surprisingly not mentally unbalanced after almost being eaten by a variety of large extinct animals) are both involved in some way with Islas Nublar and Sorna. Hold onto your butts.

Thanks to Little Patty Schmacker for the tip-off.

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  1. God I’m so excited for this. Almost as excited as I will be when my TV show gets picked up for eight seasons.

    • Big Cat says:

      “Paleontoligist discovered a huge bone in my pants”. Hilarity ensues. So this site does cover dinos. Niice!

      • Brian says:

        Pat S: If you get an unprecedented 8-season order your head will explode. Not figuratively. It will literally just spontaneously explode. So I hope that doesn’t happen. Fingers crossed for a 24-episode order though (12 would also be nice).

        Big Cat: How could I NOT cover dinosaurs? Let me know if you see anything good out there.

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