New iPod Nano. Awful.

9 Comments 12 September 2012


Along with the new iPhone 5, Apple unveiled the 7th (!) generation iPod Nano today. The Nano started life as a a smaller iPod Classic and since then has thinned out, gotten chubby, got thin again, and ultimately shrunk to a nice little shuffle-size with a super responsive touch-screen. It was great. Then Apple decided to ruin it.

Easily the best thing about the 6th gen Nano was it’s size, which somehow didn’t affect how useful it was. Advancements in touchscreen technology allowed Apple to make a 1.5″ touch screen that was totally usable. Pick playlists, check the time, listen to the radio, track your run, whatever. It was infinitely more functional than the screen-less shuffle and barely any larger. It even works really well as a watch, and has spawned an entire industry of Nano watch bands. I have this one, and it’s awesome for work-outs (and only costs $40):


But then Apple had to go and change things. I guess they didn’t like all the people using the Nano for a watch because they’ve gone back to the taller, skinny style. Why? So people can watch movies on it. Uh… who the F**K watches movies on a 2.5″ screen?

So it’s too small to watch movies on, unless you’re 5 years old and don’t have an iPhone yet (although any self-respecting 5 year old should AT LEAST have a 3Gs), and it’s now too big to use as a watch/gym player.

If you wear that at the gym you’ll be like one of those people that try to rock their iPhone.

How uncomfortable are those frigging cases? AT LEAST get a Shuffle. They’re practically free.

tl;dr: The new Nano trades in the compact, super handy form factor of the 6th gen Nano for a SLIGHT increase in usability. It sucks. Well I have to go stock up on close-out iPod Nanos. Peace.


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  1. Min Soo Kim says:

    I agree with you 100%. Well, if it is any solace, Jonathan Ive did NOT design the latest iPods, it is evident in the keynote where he comes out on all other videos explaining about the new products (even the earpods), but wasn’t shown on the new iPods.

    Whoever designed this crap better start packing their stuff, cuz I’m sure they won’t have a desk to work on tomorrow.

  2. Calabane says:

    I also agree with you 100%. I was hoping that the 7th generation would be the same form factor but instead be upgraded with internal bluetooth functionality as one of the few problems I have is the extra bump of the bluetooth transmitter accessory when I use it in my watch band to go for runs with my bluetooth headphones or lift during cross training. All in all a failure to upgrade.

  3. Tom says:

    As a 6th Gen watch wearer, you’re 100% right. They made it big, but forgot a wheel. Also, the untrue-iOS OS makes zero sense on something near the size of the old iPod touch. They will be fighting retired iPhones and iPod touches and older iPod nanos when trying to sell this 7th gen. loser.

  4. benmaneater says:

    I have the 6th gen and the 7th gen, and I think the 7th gen is much better due to the usability and how big the screen is. (its the biggest ipod nano screen yet. And also what the hell are you talking about a 5 year old should at least have a 3gs. That’s ridicule. I agree 0%.

  5. Hitmanharry says:

    benmaneater is you want a bigger screen buy a ipod touch.

  6. Carolyn says:

    unbelievable, an iPod that does not dock into any of the docks that were configured for the unique apple adapter
    no I will not be buying a 30 pin adapter, i will never buy anything apple again, they are arrogant and have forgotten who their customers are.

  7. Mark Lechman says:

    My first nano was the 6th gen and I loved it. I still wear it as a watch from time to time. It’s so small and light it quickly replaced my Shuffle for listening to music and podcasts while working around the house. Then I got the 7th gen and yes it’s a slightly different beast. I do enjoy that video playback is available because again, the unit is so damned light and portable – I can hide the thing on my desk at work very easily and catch up on episodes of Big Bang Theory while looking like I’m just rocking some tunes. Many people are still wondering why Apple changed the sizes between the two generations and it’s as simple as this: Apple is most likely working on an iWatch right now that will be a breakthrough product and will be designed to “wow” customers. However, customers won’t be nearly as excited about it if they already have something very much like it – i.e. the iPod nano. Plus if Apple had kept the watch form factor for the nano, people would then expect the next version to have more features – which would likely overlap with whatever features will eventually end up in the iWatch. Apple certainly doesn’t want that. Hence the size change. Now, what REALLY bothers me is that the interface for the 7th gen nano falls way short of what I’ve come to expect from Apple. 1) Round Icons: I get it, this isn’t iOS. But now they look childish and candy-like. 2) Watch Faces: where’d they go? There’s only like 6 of them now! 3) Wallpaper: this is my biggest gripe. Hmm, choose from white, black, grey or a couple of grey variations. WTF? Where are the beautiful Apple backgrounds we used to have? Has Jony Ive gone colorblind? What up with that? I thought maybe some future updates might fix this glaring omission but nope. Black, white and grey. Whoopee.

  8. Kierin says:

    “So it’s too small to watch movies on, unless you’re 5 years old and don’t have an iPhone yet (although any self-respecting 5 year old should AT LEAST have a 3Gs), and it’s now too big to use as a watch/gym player.”

    You’re a fucking tool, not everybody has money, I’ve never even owened a fucking trac phone, the only game system I had was a super Nintendo and I didn’t get a gamecube until the new systems were already out :I Fuck you dude, you arrogant fuck. Fuck you and all those spoiled ass little 5 year old faggots with Iphones.

  9. Ana says:

    So you can’t wear it as a watch- so what? If you want to have it as a watch, then get the 6th gen. There’s no reason to rip apart a newer piece of technology just because it doesn’t do what a few people want. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. It’s that simple.

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