Apple Unveils iPhone 5, No Surprises

Comments Off on Apple Unveils iPhone 5, No Surprises 12 September 2012

Well Apple just announced the iPhone 5. And we knew every feature ahead of the announcement.

Things you can do with the new phone that you could not do before:

-See an extra inch of website (taller screen).
-Buy new power adapters (new charging/sync port).
-DL data faster when you happen to have reception and when you aren’t on WiFi (new LTE antenna).
-Throw away a totally redesigned set of earbuds (excuse me, earpods).
-Let everyone know that you are in an economically viable station in life and can afford to spend money on an incrementally upgraded phone.

That last one only works this time because they actually updated the back a little bit:

Granted, I would prefer if it looked like this:

But whatever. I’ll get it anyway. I’m bored with iOS but honestly, I still prefer its simple, clean interface to Android and Windows Phone. And even though the physical design has barely changed, it looks and feels so much better than the plastic, cheap-looking competition. Add to that the App Store and the fact that I’m balls-deep in the Apple eco-system at this point and there you have it, another barely satisfied customer.

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