iPhone 4S Situation is a Little Familiar

iPhone 4S Situation is a Little Familiar

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Remember that time Steve Jobs was sick so someone else had to introduce the new iPhone, and it ended up being just a beefed-up processor, better camera, faster transfer speeds, and voice controls in the same old body? And everyone was butt hurt and pissed off?

That wasn’t just today. This EXACT same thing happened in 2009 when Steve Jobs let Phil Schiller introduce the follow-up to the 3G: the 3GS. And people had the exact same reactions (from engadget):

2009: “so basically every leak was a lie. i really wish they changed the design. we have known all this stuff for months now (video, autofocus camera)” -(Unverified)
2011: “All the rumors, all the leaks, all the time wasted….and it all boils down to this….” -yumax_phl

2009: “Oh, and Apple shares are down by $4 …..” -bluefootedboobies
2011: “apple stock down 5.4%…” -Lionboy

2009: “Well, like many others, I was waiting to see what Apple offered before deciding between Pre and iPhone. Luckily, Apple made that decision easy for me. I will be picking up my Pre tomorrow morning :)” -metric
2011: “What happened to all the rumors about thinner body, bigger display? All those Chinese iPhone 5 case that didn’t fit iPhone 4? Is iPhone 5 right around the corner? I’ve been weighing between iPhone 4+ and Galaxy S2, waiting patiently for Apple to announce the new phone.. Looks like I’ll be ordering Galaxy :/” -ikoss

2009: “Looks like I’m getting a pre!” -R V
2011: “Nexus Prime :)” -Joseph30

2009: “!?!?! WTF. Guess it’s a good thing I was on the fence about upgrading my 3G, cause it ain’t happening now.” -sford56
2011: “Yup. Not wasting my upgrade on this.. Love you, Apple, but I think #WP7 may be getting my business this fall.” -Jon Malone

2009: “My balls on yo face.” -(Unverified)
2011: “Hi, iPhone 4S. Go fuck your mother.” -Orris B.


The phone everyone kept comparing the 3GS to—the Palm Pre—sold about 400k units in 5 weeks. The iPhone 3GS sold 1,000,000 in its first weekend. And, suffice it to say, Apple’s stock was fine. The Pre made it 3 iterations before all WebOS devices were killed off by Palm in August.

Admittedly when Apple didn’t announce a new phone this last June and instead added the (super-delayed) white iPhone 4 and brought Verizon on-board, I had hoped that meant there actually would be an iPhone 5 this fall. But then where was the leaked info from China? The blurry pics of naked iPhone guts? Hidden model numbers in firmware? I quit hoping for a new design about a week ago.

But this looks to be the new release cycle: Complete re-design every two years with a processor (and OS) revision in between. And I’ll bet October is the new announcement/release month. I guess I’m OK with that. It’s kind of insane to ask for a total overhaul of a really nice design every year, especially when our contracts are 2-year agreements.

Long story short: if you’re not an Android (or Windows Phone) person and you still have a 3GS, get on this. If you’ve got an iPhone 4 already, you’re happy with it, and it’s working fine, just hold out a year for the iPhone 5. But make sure you’re ok waiting. Don’t be one of those people that suddenly needs/wants a new iPhone mid-cycle. That’ll mess up everything.

I’ve actually been thinking about Windows Phones lately. If someone made a nice looking handset with the Windows OS I might jump ship, but so far they all look like plasticky garbage.

What do you all think of the iPhone 4S? Total let-down or reasonable upgrade?

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