Our Long National Nightmare is Over

Our Long National Nightmare is Over

3 Comments 16 February 2010

The iPhone might finally have to evolve past it’s overly simplified, tired, 3-year old design–there’s a new hot shot on the block. When Android first came out it had a decidedly been-there, done-that feel. The OS wasn’t particularly beautiful and the usability seemed to be a step down from the iPhone. Now, I’m no Microsoft lover, but you can’t deny that they are industry-changers, even if it’s just due to their giant bankroll. DOS, Windows, XBox. They were all giants. When they want to own a market, they go all-in.

I love my iPhone but God damn I am sick of it. Apple’s done nothing interesting with it since it came out. Even the app store was a big so-what to anyone rolling with a jail-broken phone and Cydia. This why I’m so glad to finally see a LEGITIMATE challenger show it’s face. Windows Phone 7 Series (GREAT name guys *insert sarcasm mark*) looks to finally spice things up. I love the Zune HD interface so I’m glad to see it perfectly intact here. Wireless syncing to the cloud. Homescreen “tiles” that are big and beautiful. Social media baked-in to the OS, not as some independent, non-multitasking app. Really cool UI design elements. If we get some really good hardware backing this up (metal phones with glass screens, please) and good battery life (Apple’s push notifications KILL me) then I think I can put my iPhone in my cell-phone graveyard and wait for Apple to innovate again.

I love the smell of competition in the morning. You go Microsoft.

Read all about it at Giz and be sure to watch the video below and cry over how fucking static and boring your iPhone is.

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  1. JDub says:

    That’s really cool. When does that come out and what provider is it going to be on? I assume its not going to be on ATT as Apple would get pissed.

    • Brian says:

      It’s just an OS, so it’ll be on phones from whatever companies want to license it. Samsung, Motorola, whatever. I think the first handset that uses it will be out Q4, which sucks. We’ll see what the 4th Gen iPhone looks like in a couple months.

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