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Downton Zombie

Downton Zombie

9 Comments 24 January 2012


One of Joe Donatelli‘s friends on Facebook mentioned that someone should do a zombie version of Downton Abbey. Well, if you insist.

Click for the big version (and zoom in when you get to it).

The original.

A little bit about our heroes and zombies:

  • This whole thing probably took 12 hours. I have no life.
  • Clearly it’s the Lordship and his family that contract the virus and the staff that have to deal with the outbreak.
  • Part of Downton Abbey caught on fire, hence the burnt daughter (who I guess would be Edith).
  • If the zombies look familiar, they’re all Walking Dead zombies, except the Dowager, who I did by hand, because she’s my favorite.
  • Isobel Crawley took a gun shot to the gut. Mostly because I wanted to see if I could photoshop a gun shot. Also, the zombie I used for her is clearly too young. The world goes on.
  • Thomas has taken the completely selfish route, opting for the defensive flak jacket. Don’t let the grenades fool you—those are for defending his food stores.
  • O’Brien has the chainsaw, of course. She will use it on humans or zombies, she doesn’t really care. I would have armed her with a bar of soap but, well, that’s not very fun, is it?
  • The rest of the weapons go like this:
  • Carson: silenced 9mm, shuriken.
  • Mrs Hughes: shotgun, house keys.
  • Mrs Patmore: broad sword, guilt trips.
  • Daisy: nothing. Daisy is worthless.
  • Gwen: too far back to photoshop. Sorry, Gwen.
  • William: suit of armor, axe. Naturally William went for the suit of armor. He didn’t even know about the zombies yet, he was just sleeping in it.
  • Mr Bates: .357 Magnum. Bates does NOT f around.
  • Anna: kitchen knife. Which she will use on ANYONE or ANYTHING that gets between her and Mr Bates.

Ok, what do you think? Do we have any doubt that a zombie attack on the Abbey would result in Thomas and O’Brien killing everyone in their path on their way to the safe room? And then Thomas locking Mrs O’Brien out once they got there?

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9 Comments so far

  1. Roark says:

    I think it should be .357 Magnum, not .347?

    I like how Carson still uses a silencer even though it’s a zombie outbreak and chaos has presumably broken out everywhere. Because he’s classy like that, and the reputation of the household must be withheld at all times.

  2. It’s true. Daisy is worthless. I would use her as zombie fodder. Great stuff.

  3. Nate Swanson says:

    Nice. This is now my Facebook cover pic thanks to Sunday’s 2 hr DT episode airing simultaneously w/ the return of the Walking Dead. Thank heavens for DVR….. 🙂


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