Lost: Ab Aeterno

Lost: Ab Aeterno

18 Comments 23 March 2010

The American Broadcasting Company tells us: Richard Alpert faces a difficult choice.

If they tried, couldn’t they just shorten the episode description to the name of the person that’s the focus of the episode? And really, doesn’t the main character each week face a difficult choice? Last week Sawyer faced a difficult choice. The week before Ben faced a difficult choice. And literally, part of the description three weeks ago was “Sayid is faced with a difficult decision.” Oh well, better too little info than too much info.

Interesting stuff from last week:

  • James and Miles are partners as detectives for the LAPD in the flash-sideways timeline, having also been partners in law enforcement for the DHARMA Initiative in the original timeline.

That’s literally it. Maybe this week will bring some interesting stuff. Supposedly this is the end of the Earth-X flashes, but we’ll see. It would be weird if they just abandoned them. Don’t Sun and Jin still need to have theirs?

And seriously, can Desmond please come back at some point? Is that too much to ask? Maybe listening to a record and riding an exercise bike?

Oh, and go watch this.


  • After watching Ab Aeterno, can we all agree that the Man in Black is basically “bad” and Jacob is “good”?
  • Nester Carbonell (Richard) HAS to use eyeliner, right?
  • How much of a dick was the priest who came to see Richard while he was Locked Up Abroad? He’s like, “I’m taking your bible hours before you die, deal with it.”
  • How ridiculously large was the wave that washed The Black Rock up on the island? I LOLed when they showed hit hitting the top of a 100′ statue.
  • Have we seen either Jacob or Man In Black’s feet yet? 4 toes?
  • Wasn’t there something about Jacob touching someone before and granting their wish or something? I like how he gave Richard immortality like it wasn’t a big deal. “Oh yeah, that? NBD, bro.”
  • If the island contains hell or evil, then what happened when Jack sunk that shit with a nuke? (Which, by the way, is a weird thing for a nuke to do).

Lostpedia has some interesting stuff about this episode (as always):

  • Richard’s home island, Tenerife, is later made infamous by the deadliest plane crash in the history of aviation on March 27th, 1977.
  • There is a legend in the Canary Islands which tells that there exists an eighth island called “Isla de San Borondón” (St. Brendan Island). That island has allegedly been seen several times in the Islands’ history, and there are even some ancient maps where the eighth island is drawn. Stories about the mysterious island have been told by sailors who say they landed in its beaches.
  • This episode opens with the flashback of one character (Ilana), features a long flashback for a second character (Richard), and ends with a flashback of another character (The Man in Black).
  • As Paulo tries to bury the diamonds on the beach, Locke tells him that “things don’t stay buried on this island,” and this is mirrored in Richard unearthing the cross that he buried decades ago. [Seriously, how do these Lostpedia people REMEMBER all this shit? Amazing! -b]
  • Why did Jacob defend himself against Richard in 1867, but not against Ben in 2007?

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  1. Patrick says:

    I feel like I should just watch this season as I did the rest: On DVD so I can skip through the boring shit. The last couple episodes have been nothing short of drying paint.

  2. Brian says:

    Did they really admit that the Island is the cap-stone to hell last night? Is this Buffy?

  3. DCap says:

    Guy who plays Richard has confirmed (in EW? I forget) that his eyes are naturally eyelined like that.

    • Brian says:

      I read that too so it was probably EW. I still don’t believe it. Especially not after that close-up of his eye last night.

  4. CCap says:

    I don’t know, this ep actually made me question more whether Jacob is “good” and MiB is “bad.”
    I mean, Ricardo says that everything Jacob said was a lie, MiB accuses him of being the devil, and, again, he’s super manipulative. Oh, also, the other prisoner on the black rock was screaming that the island is being guarded by “El Diablo,” which is a statue that Jacob hangs out in, not MiB.
    So yeah, I feel like they tried to portray Jacob as so benevolent when we were first introduced to him, but now he seems more questionable.
    Also, what sort of dude brings all these people to an island knowing they are gonna end up dead, just for the purpose of proving Mr. MiB wrong?
    Anyway, I don’t know what to believe.

    • Brian says:

      Disagree. This episode cemented that Jacob was “good” for me. I just wasn’t sure about MIB.

      When MIB first meets Richard, he tells him that Jacob is the devil because he’s preying (praying? lol) on his Catholic beliefs.
      And when Richard breaks down in present time and says that they’re all in hell and that Jacob lies, he’s just kind of lost it for a bit.

      Hey, here’s a question, if Ben and the Others were taking orders from Jacob, shouldn’t they have been protecting Jack, Hurley, and the other candidates?

      • CCap says:

        Excellent point. Yeah they totally should’ve.
        At one point early on (end of the first season i think?) there was definitely a list of “special” people that the others wanted, and we didn’t know why – were those the candidates? At any rate, they sure didn’t seem to be protecting them.

        • Brian says:

          I’d like to think the people on the candidate list are people the show is about, non of whom were taken by the Others. I don’t know, it’s weird. I definitely feel like they changed some things around at some point leaving big plot holes, but we’ll see. I hope they do a special after the last episode that spells it all out for the idiots like me.

          • CCap says:

            Oh no, wait, I didn’t mean the people who were kidnapped by the Others. I mean, like, at the end of Season 1, I think (or season 2?) there was a list of, like, 5 people, including Jack, Kate, and I think Hurley, and they were all taken to some sort of pier and they were on some sort of “list” or something. Haha. Yeah, it’s all pretty fuzzy that far back, but I swear there was something like that.

  5. CCap says:

    I was just thinking it’s kind of ironic that the one survivor who actually WANTED to be on the island was Locke, and that he ended up being the vessel for MiB who desperately wants to get off of the island.

  6. Melissa says:

    Nice catch C-Cap! Still cannot deal with the commercials.

    I read that EW commercial but I agree with B on the eyeliner Alpern situation. How can he not! Such pretty eyes… Ha ha…

    Just need to get the end. Can’t deal with the background information anymore, must move forward. Real answers please.

  7. CCap says:

    I can’t reply to my own old post.
    Here is a screen cap of the prior ep i was thinking of, which was, apparently, the season 2 finale.
    I skimmed the synopsis, but couldn’t find where they referred to the kidnapees being on a list. I swear it was somewhere though.
    damn this show.

  8. Roark says:

    I definitely got the impression after this episode that Jacob was clearly the good guy, and the other guy was the bad guy.

    I didn’t take all this talk of hell to be literal, haven’t the producers laughed for years at the idea that the island was purgatory and stuff? They can’t be like, “well no one ever asked if it was hell…” can they?


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