Lost: Across the Sea

Lost: Across the Sea

13 Comments 11 May 2010

Well, the episode’s aired, but I was out at dinner, so I haven’t watched yet. Shhhh. Here’s what the description is, so I’m pumped: The motives of John Locke are finally explained.

I assume they mean Smocke and not Locke, but you get the point. I guess his motive isn’t just to get the f off the island?

Oh yeah, I’m pretending that the title of the episode is a shout out to one of my favorite songs.
Weezer - Across the Sea

I’ll be back tomorrow morning with some updates. In the meantime, get to gabbin’ down below.

Updating while I watch:

  • When Allison Janney showed up this was my favorite show again. Alas, it turns out she wasn’t playing God.
  • Also Young Jacob: GREAT casting. And I love how MIB wasn’t given a name.
  • Is Desmond still stuck in the well? Or did he die?
  • “It’s a wheel that channels the light and water. Yadda yadda yadda, I can get off this island.” Uh, you skipped some crucial steps in your explanation. Are the writers even trying anymore?
  • This commercial just said “all around the country, milk brings families together.” Is that a joke? Are there really families that have like, Milk Night?
  • These kids went from 11 to 45. Now I feel like they’re kids trapped in grown up bodies, like Big.
  • Do any of these people have 4 toes? Was that stupid statue the biggest red herring of all time? Or will there be a flashback of totally inept sculptors that show up at some point?
  • “Dude! You gave me the ability to turn into smoke and fly around the island! Totes forgiven!”
  • I now have 0 hope that this show will end anywhere near satisfactorily. Is that a word?
  • Ha! Weird. Big is on HBO.

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  1. JDub says:

    Yeah, not really satisfied with that. Thoughts:
    1) When the lady told the mom, “the more questions you ask, the more questions you will have” sounds like a direct shout out to the fans that we have to just give up expecting to get all the answers.
    2) Did the lady use the lighthouse to steer the mom to the island because she knew the twins were candidates? If she did use the lighthouse, maybe she did not know which kid was her candidate to replace her. It seems like she did a long con on Smocke and made him so angry by killing his people that he would kill her. Since she had already given her responsibilities to Jacob, she could then leave the island, and only another candidate can kill her so that is why she had to have smocke stab her. This would explain why she said “thank you” to smocke when she died.
    3) Interesting that the lady told jacob that he had no choice but to accept the responsibility but he is all about giving people choices.
    4) So now we know that the little boy that Smocke and Sawyer saw was Jacob, what does that mean? I don’t know.
    5) “The light” is gay.

  2. CCap says:

    Yeah I don’t know if I’m all that satisfied either. I was REALLY looking forward to the Jacob / Man in Black backstory, but, well, yeah.

    I don’t think there was a lighthouse there. I mean, it was so Fing long ago, were lighthouses even invented yet? Did SHE invent one?

    So how do you think this actually worked – did MiB’s soul just go into the smoke monster? Because his skeleton is lying there next to his Mom.

    Interesting how Mom seemed to think MiB was the one, and yet she knew he was a total liar, but at the same time she seemed to like that.

    The light is gay. Did the light go out when MiB fell in and smoke monster flew out? I was wondering if the light was just in him now, which is why he mustn’t go off the island.

    I thought those quick flashbacks to Jack and Locke back when they came upon the skeletons and the game pieces were LAME. I mean, this Fing show ALWAYS references old eps without doing actual flashbacks to them, why the hell do they start NOW?

    Also – Mom said the two boys could never hurt eachother – but clearly they can make eachother bleed and knock eachother unconscious. I guess that doesn’t count.

    • Roark says:

      I felt like I was missing something with the man in black being dead. Isn’t he alive and talking to Jacob later when they’re chilling by the statue and stuff when the Black Rock is about to crash? Or is that just the ghost of the man in black but we didn’t realize it back then?

      • DCap says:

        oh, what if jacob was just talking to dead MIB, kinda like how everyone else has been able to communicate with dead people whilst on the island?

      • JDub says:

        I think when we see smocke later, he is smoke monster an we didn’t know. I have a hard time believing that the statute was a red herring because Jacob lived there and his security phrase involved it. But who built it? You would think that lady would have living there unless it wasn’t built yet. Also there has to be more to the Egyptian theory because why else would dharma use heiroglyph at the end of the countdown? Unless that too is being ignored.

  3. Roark says:

    -Funny that we got to see where Jacob’s others got they’re violent way of protecting the island. Man that chick loved to bash people’s heads with rocks.

    -For me this just made the good guy issue a little less black and white (ha ha). The mom definitely killed their real mom and lied to them about being from somewhere else. Can’t really blame No Name for wanting to leave, even if he ends up using similarly violent methods to try to accomplish his goal.

    -So the other people on the island were on the same shipwreck as the pregnant woman. The mom said they were evil, but I think they were just regular people, and that the mom is so crazy about protecting the island that she is over simplifying things. Sure, you could make the argument that all people are basically evil (or good), but if you go around killing everyone because you think they’re evil…

    -Very doubtful we’ll ever find out how or why the mom ended up on the island. I guess we’re just supposed to assume people have always just ended up there, and that it gets passed on over the years. The specifics of how she got there aren’t important, just that people have always been there.

    • Brian says:

      “The specifics of how she got there aren’t important, just that people have always been there.”

      That’s why last night’s episode was super non-essential at this point. It isn’t like it REALLY explained why or how the Smoke Monster is made of smoke.

      We have 2 episodes left. I would have much rather had an episode dealing with the characters we’ve known this whole time.

    • DCap says:

      i’m wondering how the mother was able to infuse her two adopted boys with the ability to live forever, or even set it up so that they couldn’t kill each other.

      she never aged either. she just got tired and basically allowed herself to be killed by MIB. i mean, come on! she trashes his camp and kills his people, then when she comes back to her own camp and sees it in disarray, she doesn’t think MIB is going to be about to kill her?

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