Lost: Dr. Linus

Lost: Dr. Linus

3 Comments 09 March 2010

In tonight’s episode, “Ben deals with the consequences of an uncovered lie.” I wonder which one of his 3 million lies it is…

Before we get to last week, our very own Kate Zed has some Lost fun to share (go follow her Twitter. She links to funny shit- I promise).

First, for fans or haters of Claire, Jezebel has an awesome montage of her saying “BAYBEE!!!” and “CHAHLEE!!” I can’t embed it so here’s a link.

And here’s an awesome comic (I have no idea where this comes from. If you know, drop a comment in the links). Scroll down slowly. The last frame is awesome.


Last week, on Lost, things I missed or am too dumb to understand:

  • Keamy (the mobster) is wearing the Rolex watch Jin was to deliver to Los Angeles.
  • Sayid was asked by Dogen to kill the Man in Black by stabbing him through the chest with a knife – the exact same way that Ben killed Jacob – but the Man in Black did not die from this attack.
  • If Sayid drowned and came back, can Dogen do the same?
  • In both time lines Sayid is asked by someone to kill another person. In Earth X timeline he refuses but is forced to do it, while in the Island he agrees to do it but is unable to.
  • When Dogen explains “the scale” to Sayid, he holds up his hands. One to represent “good,” and the other to represent “evil.” Dogen is wearing a black glove on his evil hand, while his good hand remains white.
  • In the parallel timeline, Sayid could not be with Nadia because of his guilt over being a bad person. Back on the Island, Sayid kills Dogen in fullfilment of his bargain with the Man in Black to be with Nadia again.
  • Sayid states that the only thing he ever wanted died in his arms. The episode context indicates this is most likely Nadia to whom he was previously married. Coincidentally, Sayid also had a relationship on the Island with Shannon who similarly died in his arms.
  • The always-dependable Lostpedia has tons more.

More later!

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  1. Roark says:

    Initial thoughts on last night’s episode:

    Miles is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters on the show.

    It took me all episode to peg the principal as the douchey city inspector guy from Ghostbusters. Ben should have dumped a couple buckets of melted marshmallow on him at the school dance, Carrie-style.

    Interesting how in the alternate universe the writers had the choice to ultimately make Ben a good guy or a bad guy, and they chose to make him a good guy. I don’t think we’re going to hear too much from him for the rest of the series, Locke is now the bad guy, and Ben is aligned with the regular lost people against him.

    Glad that the gang is all back together on the beach. It will be interesting to see how Richard and Ben mix things up. How long has it been island time since everyone was gone? A few years? That’s why the camp was all jacked up? What happened to everyone else who used to live there? Where’s Rose and Bernard and Vincent?

    Widmore had to show up eventually, good for him for finally finding the island. Where’s Desmond though? I can’t even remember when he last figured prominently in an episode.

    • Brian says:

      It took you all episode to ID that guy? Crozz, you’re slipping.
      What do you think it says about the inherent nature of these people if they’re all a certain way without Jacob’s interference? For the most part, they seem to be better, right?
      And why did Ben’s dad leave the island with Ben? That must have happened before the bomb went off, hence it was before history changed, so I don’t get it.

  2. CCap says:

    Yeah I totally hadn’t thought about how Ben and his pop would’ve been on the Island when the bomb went off – I was thinking the bomb exploded before they would’ve gotten there, but that’s just wrong. So yeah, if history had not changed, why would they have left? And kinda crazy about how Ben and his dad seem to care so much for eachother.

    Principal dude was in GB AND Die Hard, man, that guy can ONLY play a douchebag apparently. I always get him and Ferris Beuller principal mixed up at the 2 quintissential 80s douchebags.

    I don’t have too much to say about the ep that hasn’t been said, but that comic above is hilarious. Last frame is priceless. lol

    oh and since her daughter is there, I totally want to see normal Rousseau in sideways land.

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